poniedziałek, 22 lutego 2010

I o muzycznych powrotach raz jeszcze (coś naprawdę ostatnio musi wisieć w powietrzu!) - Aghast (pod lekko zmienioną nazwą Aghast Manor). I to jest bardzo dobra wiadomość.

Za stroną Andrei Haugen:
So it's time for new ideas and I have plenty of those! So what's new? Well the first thing that is new is that I have revived the dwellings of Aghast, well, a modern version of it of course. The new title will be Aghast Manor. Due to legal reasons I cannot retake the original name and logo of Aghast because it was a joined project. Besides, there is a new Rock band out there called Aghast. Aghast Manor will be dark, ghostly sounds of music and strange voices with images of the ugly sides of human madness, providing perfect soundtracks for dark disturbing films. All thanks to Megan Fox who heard the Aghast song Irrlicht and was totally scared from it, haha, and thus inspired me to rekindle the Aghast idea. I will invite new members to join the project as well, more news will follow.

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